Where was I?
Allah, where was I before?
Where was I?
What place have I come to?
What will I do here?
Where did I live before?
Allah, where am I?
What must I do now?

How will I see You in this world?
Where are You?
Where are You?
In What place will I see You, O God, O Allah?
Will I see You in the world?
Will I see You in the body?
Will I see You in the next world?
Will I see You in my wisdom?
Will I know You and see You in all lives?

Who created me?
Who sent me down and place me here?
Who made me of earth?
Who dwells hidden within me,
Causing me to do everything I do?
Who, Allahu, who?

How will I know?
How will I understand You?
And where will I reach You?


“O Allah, help me to know You, to remember You, to love You, and to worship You in the best of manner”

Amin O Lord Of The Universe


:: Who Am I??? [Episode One]

:: Kartun karya Chris Madden